The creature was lonely. For as long as it could remember it had been alone, floating in an infinite and eternal void. An emptiness of blackness, saturated with silence. There was no up or down, no left or right just total and limitless nothing.

The creature began to hum - Hmmmm .............. then higher hmmmm .................. and lower HMMMM. The notes drifted off into the void, echoing and spinning through the silence. Some crashed together, joining sound to sound and so the words were made. They screamed and whispered through the infinity "Wind, CROW, blue, Run, DRAGON, cloud, Shadow, waves."

The words met and joined in long strings of sentences and paragraphs. Sliding through the eternal darkness, drifting together, and so the stories were made. Stories resplendent with images, reverberating with truths. Bright stories which sent colours tumbling through the darkness. Colours which grasped each other joining into shapes. Those shapes became solid, like rocks and trees. Some shapes moved, like dogs, eagles, unicorns and dolphins. Others flowed like rivers, clouds, blood and waves.

Worlds formed, populated by dragons and elves, knights and princesses, demons and heroes. These are the places we go when we hear a story. We travel to these other worlds of magic and wonder. We must not lose our way and forget how to enter these magical domains.

So, good people take the stories tell and hear, hear and tell. Without you these other worlds will die And without a storyteller no-one will be able to make the journey. Then we will all be humming in the void.

© GrahamWhitford