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This is the oldest story I know. It comes from the ancient Hittite civilisation of Asia Minor and is some 3,500 years old.

Pick more Daisies

More a philosophy of life than a story. Written by an American woman looking back on her long life.

Boy Gwion

From the rich folklore of Wales comes this tale of magic and fantasy. It tells of the magical birth of the legendary poet and seer, ‘Taliesin the Bard’.

The Transylvanian Wolves

A spooky little story of puzzling happenings at a village inn deep in the heart of wolf country.

Grandfather Sun

A tale from the Wampanoag people of the land, now called, New England. It warns of the perils of taking anything for granted, even the rising of the sun.

The Sky Blue Story Box

A traditional Ashanti tale from Ghana. It tells how Anansi, the spider-man trickster, gave stories to the people.


Take inspiration from this poem to be yourself with confidence. Thanks to Karen for this one.

Private Poncliffe

Thanks to my good friend Tony ‘Boot’ Underhill for this symbolic tale of life in the British Army!

A Granddad's Prayer

Given to my friend Mel by her father. A poignant view of the character of an old man as observed by himself.

The Red Prince

An ancient Romany tale concerning the search for immortality. Perhaps the renewing cycle of life is not such a bad thing?


The stories are 'punctuated' by a selection of Asian proverbs.