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Storytelling for Schools

Graham has a wealth of stories gathered from across the world.Cornish myths, legends and history as well as maritime stories are particularly popular.Stories can be selected purely for fun or to meet current curriculum and literacy needs


Creating your schoolís own story

Graham will work with 2-4 groups of pupils, exploring story structure and wordstorming characters and plot. He will then write the story (1500 - 2000 words), ensuring that every contribution is included.

6-8 pupils will rehearse with Graham prior to telling the story for the whole school to enjoy. The completed story is available as a resource for follow-up activities within your school.

Optionally, the story can be produced as parchmentscrolls, incorporating pupilís artwork. Copies will be available for sale to parents or at your school fetes and open days.

Story Writing

Day or half-day workshops discussing story making and storytelling.

Pupils will have completed and told their own stories by the end of the workshop

Workshop Objectives

  • Encourage the imagination, widen vocabulary and foster an enjoyment in the use of language.

  • Facilitate participation in story-making, the use of writing skills and an interest in books and reading.

  • Encourage listening skills, decision making, cooperation and the growth of self-esteem.

  • Provide varied opportunities for follow up activities.
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