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Cornish Story Scrolls

The history and legends of Cornwall as told by Graham, transcribed onto parchment scrolls. Original artwork is supplied by local artist, Tristan Dowrick. Each scroll measures 640mm by 210mm and is packaged in its own protective tube.

Stories currently available are listed below

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The Wrecker and the Death Ship

A traditional tale from St Just in West Penwith. The story tells of an evil wrecker who is reclaimed by his master, The Devil.

The Legend of Tom Bawcock

Over 200 years ago, the tiny fishing village of Mousehole was cut off for weeks by a terrible storm. The villagers were saved from starvation by Tom Bawcock and his crew, who sailed out into the storm on the eve of Christmas Eve. They brought home enough fish to feed the starving folk.

A Piece of my Heart

A story by Graham, based upon a song by Cicely Fox Smith, telling the experiences of a sailor on his first trip around Cape Horn. A tale of tragic storms and lost friends

Nancy and William

A story of fated love that lives beyond the grave. William, lost at sea, returns to claim and wed his beloved Nancy.