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Graham in his hat Graham tells stories with fire and energy. He has gathered together a rich collection of tales from across the globe, plus some from his own vibrant imagination. Stories are the truths of our lives, they not only entertain but help us find out who we are. They help us make sense of our lives and who we choose to be. Storytelling is many things but above all it is a journey into a magical world where all things are possible.

Graham posing

Grahamís stories create meaning for people of all ages, as long as they have ears to hear and hearts to see. Prepare to enter a realm where magic is created and you are transported to a place more wondrous than dreams.

Who is Graham?

Graham has a background in youth work and education, using story to explain, entertain and challenge. He also writes his own magical tales and will create stories at the drop of a large black hat.

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Extracts from Graham's CD

Pick More Daisies - 669Kb

Illuyankas (introduction) - 406Kb

Choices - 177Kb

Tiger - 158Kb

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